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  1. Minas is a Philadelphia-based bossa nova jazz band - singer and guitarist Orlando Haddad and singer and pianist Patricia King. Haddad is noted for bringing B.
    Minas: Bossa Nova Day
  2. Near the end of school, King came to Haddad with a bossa nova song she had written in hopes he could add Portuguese lyrics to it. It became “Num Dia Azul,” the title track on Minas’ first album.
    Bossa Nova Became a Turning Point in Brazilian Culture. João Gilberto Helped Launch It
  3. Jun 11,  · The artistic duo Minas and their wonderful album, "Bossa Nova Day," offers a beautiful mix of Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Jazz, Blues, and Folk music with easy listening style. This collection of well crafted songs is not only sweet and delicate but sheer entertaining as this duo gives life to the soothing melodies with their vocals, piano, and 5/5(3).
    Mother's Day Brunch With Minas at World Cafe Live
  4. Gilberto’s recording of “The Girl from Ipanema” is one of the best-known bossa nova songs to this day. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Bossa nova, which literally means “new wave,” was a blending of samba and jazz that rose out of a guitar school formed in .
    Charlie Byrd
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    Bossa Nova Day
  6. Arguably one of the most famous bossa nova songs, Garota de Ipanema was coined when the two artists saw year-old Helô Pinheiro walking past a bar in Ipanema every day. The song became an international success and earned the artists several awards. Some of the lyrics include: “Look what a beautiful thing, More full of grace, And she, Coming and passing, In a sweet swing, On the way to the.
    Minas celebrate the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim at World Cafe Live

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